About Mocha Made Cosmetics

At Mocha Made Cosmetics, we're passionate about crafting beauty solutions that not only enhance your look but also care for your skin. Introducing our luxurious lip glosses, meticulously formulated with a blend of nourishing natural oils, including coconut, grape seed, almond, and castor oil, just to name a few.

Dry, chapped lips are a common concern for many, and our lip glosses are here to provide the ultimate solution. Each swipe delivers a burst of hydration, thanks to the potent moisturizing properties of these botanical oils. Whether you're facing harsh weather conditions or battling chronic dryness, our lip glosses provide instant relief and long-lasting comfort.

But our commitment to your beauty goes beyond hydration. Our lip glosses also impart a luscious shine and subtle tint, enhancing your natural beauty while keeping your lips feeling soft and supple. Plus, with our carefully curated selection of shades, there's something for every style and occasion.

At Mocha Made Cosmetics, we believe that beauty should never come at the expense of your skin's health. That's why our lip glosses are free from harsh chemicals and filled instead with nature's goodness. Experience the transformative power of natural oils and indulge in the luxury your lips deserve. Welcome to a world of beauty and nourishment.

Welcome to Mocha Made Cosmetics by Tiffany Reid!


All products are inclusive, non-toxic, cruelty free, and homemade in New York with love and care. 


Mocha Made Cosmetics is for EVERYBODY!