Big Libra Energy


Created for dry to normal lips.

Includes: Grape seed oil, Coconut Oil, and Almond Oil for EXTRA hydration. 

Elevate your beauty game with Big Libra Energy! Our lavish hydrating formula is designed for all skin types, while its shimmering sheer purple hue is perfect for all you vibrant Libras out there. Experience the cosmic synergy of beauty and astrology with every use.

Description: Glittering light blue, pink, and silver to represent the colors of Libras. Combined together the colors create a sparking sheer ethereal purple shimmer color bomb!

More sparkle, shine, and hydration, plus a thicker formula for a longer lasting lipgloss.

Tip: Layer on top of a darker color for a crazy color poppin' pay off!

 Items Specs: 

Capacity - 7 ml / 0.23 fl oz 


Tube Dimensions - 3.1 in x 0.8 in