Mocha Flare (Bundle)

$30.00 $49.97

The Mocha Flare Bundle includes the following 3 lipglosses:

(1) Chocolate Veil

(1) Coco Honey Dew

(1) Leo AF

"Chocolate Veil" lip gloss is sheer yet it leaves a slight veil of chocolate brown on the lip. A perfect topper over nude or brown lipsticks.

"Coco Honey Dew" which smells exactly like the name, glide her on your lips for all the moisturizing feels. Our organic oils like Coconut & Vitamin E softens and heals while our extra special formula adds a lil extra shiny sumthin sumthin.

"Leo AF"  Shimmering bronze, glittery, fiery reddish / orange.  

Items Specs: 

Capacity - 6 ml / 0.20 fl oz 

Length - 9cm / 3.5 inches