Bae-Triotic (Bundle)

$39.99 $49.97

Bae-Triotic is Mocha Made Cosmetics' patriotic twist on the Fourth Of July & the official start of BBQ Season!   

The Bae-Triotic Bundle includes the following 3 lipglosses:

(1) Andromeda Fex

(1) That Gworl

(1) Libra Vibes

"Andromeda Flex" Sheer Blue / Pink / Purple / Chameleon Color Shifting lipgloss. Looks blue but swipes on sheer. 

"That Gworl" Clear with a golden yellow sparkle with a yellow color shift undertone.

"Libra Vibes" Sheer Pink / Golden / Orange.

Items Specs: 

Capacity - 6 ml / 0.20 fl oz 

Length - 9cm / 3.5 inches